KINZA Forum Draws Over 2,000 Affiliate Marketing Experts to Kazakhstan

Affiliate Marketing Forum in Kazakhstan: KINZA 2023

Affiliate Marketing Forum in Kazakhstan: KINZA 2023

A gathering of over 2,000 affiliate marketing experts

Kazakhstan is becoming a top destination for arbitrageurs due to the rapid growth of online advertising, digital currencies, and a supportive community. Over 2000 affiliate marketing experts from different CIS countries will gather in Almaty on May 31, 2023 for the KINZA forum.

The KINZA forum will take place at the Atakent-Expo exhibition complex in Almaty, which offers outstanding facilities, accommodations, dining options, recreational activities, and shopping opportunities. The KINZA Kazakhstan site will occupy a large area of over 3200 square meters within this complex.

Over 50 exhibitors will participate in the KINZA forum’s exhibition zone, displaying an array of traffic arbitrage-related products and services, including partner networks, trackers, anti-detection browsers, and payment services. Attendees can expect to see eye-catching stands in this zone.

Learn about the latest strategies in traffic arbitrage

The forum’s attendees will have the chance to learn from 15 expert speakers, who will share fresh case studies and innovative strategies about traffic arbitrage and working with offers in high-demand verticals. About 80% of the presentations will be about such novel content.

The forum’s distinguished speakers include Alex Slobodzhenko, Founder & CEO of Traffic Devils, Denis Lagutenko, Founder of ADSbase, Semyon Verushkin, CEO & Founder of Lead-Magnet holding, Anton Voystrikov, Founder&CEO CLICKLEAD, and others. Attendees with Business and VIP tickets will enjoy a lavish after-party with Eastern hospitality, show program, and surprises.

The KINZA Awards ceremony in March of the current year will honor the winners of this esteemed award.

Unmatched networking opportunities and more

Kazakhstan was chosen as the location for the KINZA forum due to its legislative framework, mature advertising market, ability to construct pavilions, and affordable air travel from different countries. The organizer believes forums like KINZA will promote traffic arbitrage and elevate its status in Kazakhstan. You can buy conference tickets conveniently on the designated website (UTM) and use the exclusive promo code to receive a discount.

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Affiliate marketing has become an essential part of the online business world. The KINZA forum offers a unique opportunity to learn from accomplished marketing experts, gain insight into cutting-edge marketing tactics, and network with other marketing professionals from around the world. Attendees can expect to gain new knowledge and have an unforgettable experience.

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