MAC’24: Your Portal to the World of Affiliate Marketing and Arbitration | Yerevan, May 30-31

International Arbitration Conference (MAC) 2024: Epicenter of Affiliate Marketing

International Arbitration Conference (MAC) 2024: Epicenter of Affiliate Marketing

When spring is in full swing and gives its last warm days, and summer is just beginning to gain momentum, the moment will come for a signi-ficant event in the world of affiliate marketing and arbitrage. On May 30-31, 2024, key industry players will gather at the Meridian Exhibition Center in Yerevan, a city with a thousand-year history and amazing culture. The International Arbitration Conference (MAC) has already been announced as the largest event for affiliate marketing professionals in Eastern Europe, and this is not an exaggeration.

About the upcoming MAC’24 conference

About the upcoming MAC’24 conference

The MAC’24 conf-rence can rightfully be considered a beacon of know-ledge & innovation, attracting more than 2,500 participants from more than 50 countries. This is not just a meeting of like-minded people, but a whole microcosm where everyone will find something valuable for themselves: from the latest trends in marketing to insights on making money on applications, from the secrets of successful traffic arbitrage to new products in the field of cryptocurrency.

Unrivaled Atmosphere of Yerevan

The choice of Yerevan as the venue was not accidental. The city offers a unique combination of historical heritage and modern infrastructure, making it the ideal backdrop for such a large event. The convenient location guarantees easy access by direct flights from most European and Asian cities, which means that no one will be left out of this grand event.

Variety of Topics and Directions

At MAC’24 everyone will find something interesting for themselves. The conference covers a wide range of topic: from marketing strateg’s & traffic arbitrage to entrepreneurship and finance. This is a unique opportunity to dive into the world of adtech, discuss the latest trends in working with Facebook, explore the possibilities of making money on marketplaces, and much more.

Who is this event for?

MAC’24 is open to a wide range of professionals: arbitrage traders, money makers, marketers, webmasters, online entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to monetize traffic in our time. If you want to be on the cutting edge of innovation and keep abreast of the latest industry trends, then MAC’24 is your choice.

Speakers Opening New Horizons

The conference speakers will include leading industry experts who will not only share their experience and knowledge, but also inspire new achievements. Sergey Ovseenko, the Traffic Devils team, Van Oakes, KJ Rocker and other stars from the world of affiliate marketing and arbitration will be at the center of the action, ready to share their insights and strategies for success.

Networking and Entertainment MAC24

Networking and Entertainment MAC24

The International Arbitration Conference (MAC) 2024 in Yerevan offers participants a unique networking opportunity that goes far beyond standard business meetings. Starting with the Preparty on May 29, each participant gets the chance to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of anticipation of the main event, where they can meet future partners and industry colleagues in an informal setting.

Preparty is not just a meeting, it is a place where new ideas are born and long-term partnerships begin. The evening promises to be eventful: cocktails, live music and informal communication will create ideal conditions for meeting people and sharing experiences.

Tournaments and Dating MAC24

The main days of the conference, May 30 and 31, will continue the tradition of networking at the highest level. Participants will enjoy sports tournaments where teams will be able to compete in a friendly atmosphere, demonstrating not only professional skills, but also sports passion. These events will be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and discuss joint projects in a relaxed atmosphere.

Private parties and sponsored dinners will add exclusivity to the networking program. Here, among selected guests, new opportunities will open up to discuss partnerships and joint initiatives. An invitation to such events is a sign of special attention and respect in the industry, so each meeting can be the key to new successes and achievements.

Closing Chord MAC’24: Legendary Afterparty

Closing Chord MAC’24: Legendary Afterparty

The conference will culminate with the legendary Afterparty, which will continue the series of networking events and will be the perfect end to two busy days. Industry leaders, young professionals and experienced experts will gather on the dance floor, ready to share knowledge and impressions in a more relaxed atmosphere. Music, dancing and unlimited drinks will create an unforgettable atmosphere where everyone can feel like part of a large and friendly community.

MAC’24 not only offers unique networking opportunities, but also creates a space where every participant can find something valuable for themselves, be it new contacts, knowledge or inspiration. This is your chance to be part of the biggest event in the world of affiliate marketing and arbitrage, don’t miss it!

Your Ticket to the World of Success

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the world’s leading affiliate marketing event and refereeMs. Reserve your place at MAC’24 today and get an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of innovation and business success. Use the promotional code SPYCASINO when purchasing a ticket on our website and receive a 20% discount. Join us on a journey through the world of the latest trends and unlimited possibilities – together we will achieve much more!

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