Daily Online News: Atlantic City not paying winnings to 72-year-old retiree, US gaming revenue hits record $17.67 billion in first quarter and more...

Daily news: Atlantic City did not pay out $2.5 million in winnings, revenue reached a record $17.67 billion in the first quarter and more…

Daily news: Atlantic City did not pay out $2.5 million in winnings, revenue reached a record $17.67 billion in the first quarter and more…

A casino in Atlantic City does not pay the $2.5 million won. The pensioner wants to get even more

72-year-old pensioner from New Jersey Roni Beal managed to hit a big jackpot in the amount of $2.56 million. Her luck’s had a turn for the better at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine which is located at Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City.

According to the New York Post (NYP), instead of winning, the woman received a refusal from the gambling establishment which refers to an alleged technical error. This saga continues because the winner does not want to put up with such arbitrariness.

Winning day events: from failure to jackpot

Winning day events: from failure to jackpot

In February, Roni Beal went to Bally’s Casino hoping to try her luck. At first, she was stubbornly and unlucky for a long time. She played on a variety of slot machines having spent about a thousand dollars on it.

After some time, she returned to the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. After she made six or seven spins, a mechanical voice followed and announced that the woman had hit the jackpot. As the pensioner notes, she was given a free spin of the “wheel of fortune” due to the appearance of the inscriptions wild and wild x2. Thanks to the extra spin, she was able to try her luck again, after which the arrow stopped right in front of the coveted Jackpot with the $ sign. Beal heard the good news: “You won.”

Unpleasant events followed

The woman presses the call button but the display is filled with a warning that the slot machine is not working due to a technical malfunction. The manager of Bally’s appeared and assured Beal that she had not won anything. So far, the failed jackpot winner has turned to a lawyer who is now busy preparing to sue Bally’s and the gaming company International Game Technology (IGT).

The claim states the amount is $2.56 million because the client hit the $1.28 million jackpot with a double multiplier. At the same time, the pensioner does not stop. She will also try to sue the gambling establishment for another million as compensation for moral damages. The player notes: “I’m upset because I need money and I will help people.

She adds that she intends to buy a trailer for her homeless son. The gambling establishment itself denies the accusations noting that they are just casinos. Payments are at the discretion of IGT. A company representative states that management is cooperating with the casino operator in the investigation of the case.

Claims against gambling establishments are far from isolated

According to AskGamblers, last year 2023, 8,044 lawsuits were filed regarding disputes between players and casinos. 2,267 complaints totaling more than $9 million were resolved.
Last year was marked by the fact that more than 100 million people became visitors to gambling establishments which provided the gambling business with revenue of a record amount of 66.5 billion dollars.

US gambling revenue reached record $17.67 billion in Q1

US gambling revenue reached record $17.67 billion in Q1

Despite the growing popularity of iGaming, 70.7% of revenue still comes from land-based casinos. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), annual online gambling revenue growth declined from 39.6% in Q4 to 19.3% in Q1. However, their total revenue hit a new quarterly high of $5.16 billion. In the first quarter, the share of online gaming in commercial gambling revenue hit a record 29.3%.

DraftKings weekly revenue hits record $36.5 million

The operator’s new weekly revenue record surpassed FanDuel’s previous record of $33.4 million. Total weekly revenue for all licensed mobile betting operators in the state also hit a new record high of $70.9 million. At the same time, the total volume of bets for this week amounted to $532.3 million, which was the second highest figure this year. Previously, DraftKings took 1st place in popularity in the United States.

Philippines GGR reaches record $1.4 billion in Q1 2024

Philippines GGR reaches record $1.4 billion in Q1 2024

This is 18.5% more than a year earlier ($1.2 billion). The main driver of growth was the iGaming sector (E-Games), whose income soared 6 times to $389.8 million. Licensed casinos continue to be the largest contributor to GGR, generating $861 million in the quarter. Casinos operated by PAGCOR under the Casino Filipino brand brought in $81.2 million, down from $88.8 million a year earlier. This decrease is due to the transition of some players online. The projected GGR for the full year is $5.8 billion, with Q1 already accounting for more than 24% of this figure.

Historic week of sports betting for New York and DraftKings

Players Sue DraftKings Over 'Risk-Free Bet'

The second week of May has proven to be a busy period for licensed sports betting operators in New York, according to data released by gaming regulator, the New York Gaming Commission. In addition to the busy period, the week ending May 12 saw DraftKings set a new weekly revenue record.

The previous revenue record was held by FanDuel: $33.4 million for the week ending January 14, 2024. However, the operator’s record was broken by DraftKings: the company reported $36.5 million for the week ending May 12. Mobile sports betting revenue recently reported by DraftKings was a new record not only for the state, but also for the operator.

Mobile betting revenue reached $70.9 million the previous record was $67.3 million record revenue increased by approximately $4 million Mobile sports betting revenue of $70.9 million came after $532.3 million in bets were recorded in the week ended May 12.

That’s the second-highest weekly total of the year, surpassing $539. 6 million for the week ending March 24 this year. At the same time, despite the fact that betting volume was higher in the week ending March 24, revenue was only $31.2 million, more than half the $70.9 million figure.

FanDuel Follows Record Holder

FanDuel Follows Record Holder

There’s no doubt that the New York Rangers and New York Knicks playoffs have boosted betting revenue. Giving the planned expansion of gambling in the state, legislators intend to speed up the process by requiring all interested parties to submit applications for casino licenses by July 31, 2024. Approval of licenses by the gaming regulator must be received by March 31, 2025.

Recently released bet processing and earnings results suggest monthly numbers are also likely to be strong. While DraftKings posted the highest weekly total, FanDuel followed closely behind.

For the week ending May 12, the operator reported:

• on sports betting turnover of $199.1 million
• on income of $26.9 million

While this is the second-highest total, the difference to DraftKings’ total is about $10 million. This is because DraftKings had an exceptionally high retention rate of 15.8%.

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